It Made Sense at the Time, Okay?


i was tagged by cutiegabriel i don’t know how to do the .gif thing so here is my list without them:-

1. Richard Speight jr

2. Jared Padalecki

3. Robert Downey Jr

4. Jeremy Renner

5. Rob Benedict

6. Felicia Day

7. Jensen Ackles

8. Misha Collins

9. Mark Ruffalo

10. Tom Hiddleston

Please note these do move around on a daily or even hourly basis!






Uhm… I have no idea what I’m tagged in, but I’m guessing it’s a list of celebrity crushes?

1. Misha Collins

2. Kim Rhodes

3. Osric Chau

And yes, these three are legitimate crushes. They make me so happy. (Though my feelings for Kim are a lot more like she’s my awesome big sister.) Moving down the list a bit, we get, with a lot less emotional intensity, and a lot more general squee:

4. Jared Padalecki

5. Matt Cohen

6. Charles Stross

7. Jensen Ackles

8. Richard Speight Jr

9. Chris Evans

10. John Scalzi

(So, for a bisexual, I have very few women on my list, even given my usual 75-25 split in favor of men. I know. It’s my fault for falling into a heavily male homosocial show. Ask me about my Tumblr crushes, instead.)

Simple names for surgical operations


-tomy: The surgeon cut something.

-ectomy: The surgeon cut something out.

-ostomy: The surgeon cut something to make a mouth. If one organ is named, the mouth opened to the outside of the patient. If two organs are named, the mouth connected two organs.

-plasty: The surgeon changed the shape of an organ.

-pexy: The surgeon moved the organ to the right place.

-rraphy: The surgeon sewed something up.

-desis: The surgeon made two things stick to one another.

Perfect! And I love your URL! <3


#throwbackthursday With #GISHWHES nearing, I’m remembering when I ruined my shoes and got a cold last year, all in aid of “taking the road less travelled” …  #deathtonormalcy #everydaymadness


#throwbackthursday With #GISHWHES nearing, I’m remembering when I ruined my shoes and got a cold last year, all in aid of “taking the road less travelled” …
#deathtonormalcy #everydaymadness

So, I heard you like Destiel first time frottage? This is a good one. Very fluffy, post-8x07, PWP but with lots of emotion.

I accidentally all the Destiel subscribed to AO3’s total Destiel feed. My goodness, there’s so much crap out there! The downside of liking a popular pairing is that you have to sieve through all the crap to get to the good stuff.

The downside of liking a rare pair is that you take the crap and are grateful that you get anything.

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Carry On My Wayward Son (lullaby Version) 

Why can I so easily picture this playing  in the spn series finale as the camera takes one last look moving over the dead bodies of all our favorite characters, stopping on the rusting frame of the impala and then slowly fading to black?

That comment, the music and that picture? I think my heart just Raphael’d into a million pieces of itty bitty pain. 

Thank you.

Hey, I heard people were looking for Destiel fics with demon!Dean horn handjobs. This is one with a prank war gone bad… (Mildly dubious consent.)

You guys are the best. I love you so much. <3








so often dean and cas’ first time is either oral or penetrative sex, but I’m really obsessed with the idea of repressed!dean being completely and utterly desperate to feel another man’s cock against his own, hot and throbbing and wet with precome… just raw, desperate arousal

like how during dean and cas’ first kiss, dean’s dick twitches in anticipation as their hips slot together, and he grinds his clothed crotch harder against cas because he just needs to feel a hardness against his own

uGH just… dean being really aroused by the idea that he can feel the evidence of another man’s sex against his own… the anticipation of that hot, smooth skin rubbing against his own cock…

and when dean finally manages to get them both out of their pants, he’s nearly gasping because he’s so desperate for it. and at that first sight of cas’ dick, pretty and flushed with arousal, curving up towards his stomach… dean can’t help but reach out in desperation, getting cas on top of him in bed and rocking his hips up until their erections slide wetly together in the space between their stomachs

and dean is just completely overcome by the feeling… goes completely boneless as he gasps for 'more, oh fuck'

and what can cas do other than oblige him, grinding himself down even harder as he wraps his hand around their cocks, dean’s back arching off the bed with the increase in sensation… little pants of ‘fuck fuck fuck cas

and dean tilts his head so he can look down to where their cocks are sliding together in cas’ fist, and it’s just too good. it’s everything he’s ever wanted and he says so. gasping out shuddering breaths as he tries to speak through all the sensations wracking his body… asks cas ‘fuck, baby, can you feel that?’ because it feels so fucking good… another man’s cock is against his own and just ‘fuck feel that’

and cas is so caught up in everything, feeling dean so close to him, dean’s cock throbbing against his own… and he comes with a strangled shout all over dean’s stomach… streaks dripping over dean’s crotch

and the feel of cas coming all over him - their cocks getting all messy-wet with it as they rut together - makes dean come harder than he ever has in his life, nearly sobbing from the force of his orgasm as his hips arch off the bed and he just comes

I’m having one of those days when I’m convinced everyone secretly dislikes me. So, if you do, please just tell me. (And if you don’t say anything, I’ll pretend that you like me.)


is anyone really happy with their nose

Kinda. Because I can lick it if I hold it down.

If you want a fanfic that explores the utter horror of Supernatural’s concept of Heaven, this is it. I started rereading, and I’m already experiencing heavy existential anxiety. (S6-finale “fix it” from Cas’ POV, Destiel.)

I’m having a braid related episode of “hers is bigger than mine”. Not the most common experience.


I wish I could come up with ‘owl’ puns in English

You look owl right. (“Hoo? Me?” my husband supplied.)